Greek Pizza

Kouzina Christos proudly continues to mix the dough, proof, and cook our culturally distinct "Greek Pizza". My families' story of their initial foray into the restaurant business was a huge jump from the stable, mundane eight hour a day, forty hour week of a factory job at American Optical. The thought that shortly after arriving to this wonderful country, with two very young boys, they would save their meager weekly earnings and courageously jump into the capricious, insecure arena of the restaurant business. I retrospect, courage was Marie and John's strength.

"Greek Pizza" , was taught to an intrepid group of young immigrants, wishing to realize the

"American Dream" by an older successful Greek baker who's skills at pastries and baking were without parallel. My father, John, my uncle John, and my uncle Haralambos were soon working and learning the art of making "Greek Pizza" at this immigrant's restaurant. They learned to make the unique dough, combining high gluten and all purpose flours, adding the correct amounts of water, brewers yeast, olive oil, sugar, and salt. They learned to make the pizza sauce, adding the exact amount of the various spices, shredding Monterey jack cheese, slicing the pepperoni, making the meatballs, the sausage made in house from Boston butt seasoned and left to marinate in the oak wood walk in coolers.

After the training, and gathering what meager savings they had accumulated they started the process of looking for a location. They found an old railroad depot in Moosup, Ct. on Ward Avenue. After much haggling, hand wringing, prayers and belief in their abilities, they consummated the deal.

Notable moments in their 17 years of business

Christos, Sandy, and Johny Jr. enjoyed an idyllic existence in our small unique town of Moosup.

We had the love and encouragement of two wonderful parents and extended family.

Our father was a magnificent father, husband, gentleman, off course he made mistakes.

Our mother was the the spiritual, unyielding, center of our family and business.

"Greek Pizza" isn't easily defined for the people that plied the art were fundamentally guided by so many existential and cultural factors, it defies characterization.

Love you, Marie and John, with all my heart and will always be thankful for your guidance in all things


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